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:           Dear Netters,
:           having recently read an article (origin unknown -
:           photocopy!) detailing the TABLE and SILMUT programs for
:           choosing sites for silent mutagenesis to generate
:           restriction sites we would very much like a copy of these
:           programs.  The paper said that it could be accessed by

********   From the SILMUT.README File ***********************
SILMUT and TABLE programs in this package help you to identify
regions in a sequence which can be altered to introduce restriction
enzyme sites and other sequences by silent mutations.  The work is
based on our following publications.

1.  B. Shankarappa, D.A. Sirko, and G.D. Ehrlich.  A General Method
for the Identification of Regions Suitable for Site-Directed Silent
Mutagenesis.  BioTechniques 12, No. (3): 382-384

2.  B. Shankarappa, K. Vijayananda, and G.D. Ehrlich.  SILMUT: A
Computer program for the Identification of Regions Suitable for Silent
Mutagenesis to Introduce Restriction Enzyme Recognition Sequences.
BioTechniques 12, No. (6): 882-884.

If you have any questions, please contact one of us at the
following address.

1.  Dr. Raj Shankarappa,  bsh at
Research Associate,
University of Pittsburgh,
Department of Pathology,
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
email:  bsh at
phone: (412) 648-1986 or 648-9763 or 648-9026
fax (412) 648-1916

The programs can be obtained from the IUBIO archives.  FTP to
login as anonymous
send your e-mail address as password
cd (change directory) to molbio\ibmpc
binary (the file is in binary format)

	You will need to UNZIP the file after transfering it 
via FTP.  
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