CHEF gel problems

rick lynch!rlynch
Thu Jan 6 14:05:41 EST 1994

I am trying to seperate large plasmids from chromosomal dna 
using a CHEF gel apparatus.  After running out the samples,
I am blotting them to membrane and probing them with appropriate
probes that should light up the chromosome or the plasmid.
The problem I am having is that most (greater than 95%) of the 
signal is stuck in the well.  Plasmid and chromosomal probes
light up only the wells, and nothing seems to be lighting up 
in the body of the gel.

Anyone who has had some experience with this type of stuff
have any suggestions as to how I can get the dna to migrate
into the gel?

Rick Lynch
Agouron Institute
rlynch at

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