Effects of Argon

Ramin Charles Nakisa r.nakisa at ic.ac.uk
Thu Jan 6 13:26:39 EST 1994

One of the amazing things about anaesthetics is that they are so diverse in 
structure.  They include alcohols (up to 12 carbons), alkanes (up to 9 
carbons), halogenated hydrocarbons (halothane, chloroform), ketones 
(acetone), steroids (alphaxalone) and barbiturates (pentobarbital).  And, 
yes, the noble gases such as krypton and argon are also known to act as 
anaesthetics.  Xenon is commonly used in castration operations!

I'm surprised that argon worked at atmospheric pressure.  I thought that 
nitrogen, argon and krypton are only anaesthetics at high pressure.
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