HELP! unusual cell growth

Robert Kuhelj, IJS Robert.Kuhelj at
Fri Jan 7 04:48:04 EST 1994

Hi folks,

I've got a very peculiar problem to report. Namely, I'd like to construct a
human genomic library in lambdaFIXII phage. I'm using XL1-BlueMRA(PA2) strain
as a host. After in vitro packaging and plating on NZY agar plates the titer
obtained was relatively high, but:

All (!!!) the plaques and all(!!!) the cells as well, are located on one
half of the plates.

I;m almost positive that neither the plating (i. e. pouring of the cell
suspension in top agarose) nor the incubation could cause this problem. 
Before using the XL1-BlueMRA(P2) strain I had been using Y1090 and KW251
strain and everything was OK. Has anyone got any experience with this
strain (purchased from STRATAGENE)?

Thanks,  Julijana from Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

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