Phage Display Vectors

Paul Romaniuk promaniu at
Fri Jan 7 15:42:14 EST 1994

We've recently embarked on a phage display project for a DNA binding
domain. Presently, we're using a vector that allows insertion just after
the signal peptide cleavage site of the pIII gene of M13. It seems that our
100 amino acid insert at this site results in a significant decrease in
infectivity, to the point that slight contamination by a wild type phage
will soon overrun the phage stock. 

So, I would really appreciate hearing from people who are doing phage
display: what vectors do you use, what size inserts are you putting in,
what special advantages/problems have you experienced?

Paul Romaniuk
Dept of Biochemistry and Microbiology,
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC                               proman at

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