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In article <2gk8j5$fp4 at dartvax.dartmouth.edu>, bob.gross at dartmouth.edu (Bob Gross) writes:
>Does anyone know of an inexpensive enzyme that has a very simple
>colorimetric enzyme assay that could be used to detect trace amounts of
>an unknown in the presence of the large amounts of standard proteins
>which are detected by Bradford?
>Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
>Bob Gross
>Dept. of Biology, Dartmouth College
>bob.gross at dartmouth.edu

You can try one of these, which colorimetric assays:
1. Pig Liver Esterase...use in a pH 8 buffer, with p-nitrophenylacetate
	as as substrate

2. Any lipase...use the same substrate, only at a higher concentration.

3. Alkaline phosphatase...use p-nitrophenyl phosphate as substrate.

If you want the complete reaction conditions we use, we let me know.

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