Nutrient medium for cell culture

Oh Kah Weng Steve engohkw at
Mon Jan 10 20:39:53 EST 1994

11th Jan 1994

Dear Industrial Biotechnologists,

We at the Bioprocessing Technology Unit, have recently concocted a BASAL 
NUTRIENT MEDIUM for hybridomas that can enable the cells to produce 
monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) between 750 - 1000 mg/l in a *BATCH* culture.

Presently, we are trying out the medium on other cell lines including CHO 
cells and also trying to push the yields further.

We are seeking licensees to our medium; interested parties please contact 
me directly. Thanks for reading this article.

Biotechnologically Yours,

Steve Oh (Ph.D.)
Cell Culture Lab Leader,
Bioprocessing Technology Unit,
National University of Singapore,
10 Kent Ridge Crescent,

FAX: (65) 775 4933

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