Phosphorimager recommendation?

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Mon Jan 10 12:18:32 EST 1994

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>Subject: Phosphorimager recommendation?
>From: lsalati at
>Date: 9 Jan 94 12:31:47 EST

>Our biochemistry department has the fortunate luck (and funds) to
>be in the market for a Phoshorimager.  Can you give me any
>recommendations for ones that you think are good, preferably one(s)
>that you have used.

Following the discussion about Imagers over the summer, we finally decided on
a Fuji BAS system.  Some of our considerations were local i.e. the sort of
support we could expect from the agent.   Until recently, the Fuji system
would run only from a  SUN workstation, but now a MacIntosh operating system
is available (we use this) and there are rumours that PC support (via
Windows 3.1) will soon come out.

So far, we are happy with our choice.
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