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>Subject: help salvaging thawed mol. bio. reagents
>Dear netters:
>Over the Christmas break our -20 degree freezer was accidentally
>unplugged.  The contents thawed and remained at room temperature for 1
>week before being discovered.  Although we realize that all of our enzymes
>can be discarded, we are unsure if any of the following items might be
>salvagable.  We would appreciate any input from those with similar
>unfortunate experiences since it will take some time and effort to test
>everything.  The contents included:
>a variety of enzyme buffers
>bFGF receptor antibody
>T7 and T3 primers
>protein markers
>50x Denhardts solution
>helper phage
>RNase A

Jim Owens already gave a very extensive answer, I was just going to add a
tiny detail to that: if your RNase A was in sol. it migt be a good idea to
heat it to 100oC before freezing again (Maniatis protocol to eliminate
DNase activity, DNase might renature in soln....)

my 2 ug worth



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