R. A. KELLN KELLN at Meena.CC.URegina.CA
Tue Jan 11 09:49:34 EST 1994

In <karp-080194111250 at slip50.dialup.mcgill.ca> karp at medcor.McGill.CA writes:

> I remember seeing some time ago a posting relating to obtaining xgal at
> reduced prices. Is this still available? Is it only for US researchers? I
> will be using alot of this in the near future so $ is impt. Any replies to
> here or me directly greatly appreciated.

Cheapest source I know of is:
Biosynth International
PO Box 541
Skokie, Illinois 60076
Phone: (708)674-5160
Fax:   (708)674-8885

Pricing:   X-gal    $45 US/gram  (10 g minimum order)
           IPTG     $ 8 "        (100 g "       "   )

They also supply X-glc, as well as magenta and salmon derivatives of gal and

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