Home made gems don't "invert"

Greg Denomme denomme at fhs.csu.McMaster.CA
Wed Jan 12 13:20:11 EST 1994

Hello Netters,
  After one purchase of PCR GEMS, I thought I would make my own wax gems.  I
did a wais search and found that some people use parowax from the local
grocery store.  I made some pellets (about the same weight as the
commercial ones) and tried them out.  I want a true 'hot-start' (ie. lower
mix - wax plug - upper mix) but upon heating the wax doesn't invert with
the upper mixture, ie. t the end of the thermalcycling the wax is not on the
top.  I tried parawax from a histology lab with the same result.

  Could someone comment on how to get home made gems to work.  If you use
a particular wax please be specific.

Thanks in advance.

denomme at fhs.csu.mcmaster.ca
McMaster University
Department of Pathology
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

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