Very low pH buffer

Helge Weissig helgew at
Wed Jan 12 19:01:47 EST 1994

>      About 3 weeks ago, I posted an article regarding MES and HEPES buffers.
>THank you for all the help.  CAn anyone suggest a biological buffer that
>is good for pH 2- pH 5.0.  MES is only good up to pH 5.5.

My little list of buffers has
        citrate/phosphate/borate with pH 2.0 - 12.0.
                (Pretty strange mix of 100 ml 1N acids (cit & phos) plus 3.54 g
                borate plus 343 ml 1N NaOH plus H2O ad 1l. Adjust pH of 20 ml
                with 0.1N HCl and add H2O ad 100 ml.)

        plain citrate w/ pH 2.2 - 4.8
                (21 g citric acid [1H2O] in 200 ml 1N NaOH, or 0.1M disodium-
                citrate for that matter, adjusted w/ 0.1N HCl)

my pH 0.2 worth

good luck,


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