Contaminating plasmid

Christian Geltinger geltinger at
Thu Jan 13 07:06:58 EST 1994

Hi netter,
We had the same problem with Bluescript-preparations in E.coli XL1 in our lab a 
year ago, and fortunatly, it disappeared as it came. We speculated that it 
be some sort of ssDNA which would explain the RnoncutabilityR of that 
This might be due to a leaky f1 origin of bluescript. I remember we discarded 
our competent cell stocks and prepared fresh E.coli. Our tip:
%Cut your contamination with an ssDNA cutting enzyme (see Biolabs catalogue)
%prepare new competent cells

Gruss aus Muenchen
geltinger at
Institut fuer klinische Molekularbiologie und Tumorgenetik
GSF, Muenchen

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