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+While analysing a human promoter I stumbled upon an Alu repeat. It is
+situated around 2kb 5 prime of the tss and it shares >80 % homology 
+with other Alu repeats as verified by fasta search. I wondered if any
+of you Alu-experts out there could give me some hints as to the signi-
+ficance of this, or direct me to some litterature on the subject.

we have found a similar example. At that time, i could not find any 
apparent relevance for the presence of the alu repeat. you may want to 
look up our publication: i mention some references there about similar
cases. furthermore, i would be interested if you could post interesting mail 
about this topic to the net.

"Organization and transient Expression of the Gene for Human U11 RNA" 
C. Suter-Crazzolara and W. Keller; Gene Expression (1991) 1, 91-103 
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