Gel documentation systems

George Thomas gt at
Thu Jan 13 11:31:35 EST 1994

Hi Folks,
We are seriously considering buying a gel documentation system from UVP or
some other source since Polaroid costs are prohibitive (what with high cost
of importing the films and relatively short shelf life) for a country like 
India.  Any of you who have experience with both may be able to help me.
Can a ccd based camera and a thermal printer do as good a job as the 
polaroid in terms of clarity and resolution of the pictures?

Assuming that the answer to the above question is yes,
can anyone help me with recommendations on the available systems in the 
market?  We are considering UVP(UK), Vilber-Louermat (France) and 
Tracktel (Vision Systems, Australia).  Any suggestions or comments on these
systems or any other system worth considering will be highly appreciated.

There is also a densitometry function.  How useful is it for sequence
reading?  The suppliers claim it works great; I'd like to hear from actual
users.  I know that a laser based densitometer is probably the best, but I
am trying to get documentation(of UV pictures) and densitometry in one.
Thanks in advance.
George Thomas
gt at

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