Magic minipreps--DNA don't cut

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Thu Jan 13 19:50:18 EST 1994

Greetins Netters,

I am posting this for a friend.

Josefina Enfedaque writes:

>Has anybody had any problem with Promega's Wizard Minipreps?
>In my hands the DNA looks well, but it is difficult to cut.
>Does  anybody know how to overcome this? Maybe washing the column twice?

Although we haven't had this specific problem, we have been
experiencing a related problem.  Namely, after Magic minipreps,
certain enzymes(eg BssHII) has completely degraded our plasmid.  The same
enzyme did not degrade DNA prepared from another method(alkaline
lysis, phenol extraction).  The plasmid was grown in HB101 whereas the
other DNA was grown in XL-Blue.  Has anyone experienced a similar
problem or have any idea as to what's going on?  Many thanks in

Any replies send to my e-mail address or posted on this usenet group
would be greatly appreciated.

Elmer Choi
New York University Medical Center
Department of Pathology
e-mail:  choie01 at

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