Inducing SOS response

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Fri Jan 14 15:47:38 EST 1994

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>I want to induce the SOS response in E. coli to investigate mutants deficient
>in the exit from the SOS response (ie although they may repair any DNA
>damage, they do not resume cell division). Does anyone have any suggestions as
>to how to induce SOS for this purpose in a simple way. So far growth in the
>prescence of MMS (0.05%) has been suggested, I was also wondering about
>using mitomycin C, but have no idea what concentration would be appropriate
>to enable wt cells to grow, while the mutants don't. UV is another possibilty
>but trickier to do, needing UV - transparant plates and stuff.

>Cheers, Chris

Have you looked into nalidixic acid?  It is a DNA gyrase inhibitor and inducer 
of SOS.  The antibiotic is fairly affordable and not quite as nasty as MMS or 
mitomycin C.

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