Fusion vector required!

Bonham, Peta pbonham at pbi.nrc.ca
Fri Jan 14 11:34:43 EST 1994


>        I am looking for a vector containing either the B-gal or CAT 
>reporter genes (lacking their first ATG's), which allows insertion of a
>DNA fragment 5' of the reporter gene so that expression can be driven
>by an ATG located within the DNA insert. It would be advantageous (sp!)
>for the reporter gene to be under the control of T7 promotor or capable
>of expression in tissue culture cells. Additionally a good multiple cloning
>site would be a greay bonus. If anyone knows of such a vector could they
>please E-mail me.
>        Thanks in advance.
>        Jaz.

Hi Jaz:
Why do you need to remove the ATG of the B-gal or CAT? If you put an inframe 
fusion of your DNA sequence in front of the reporter only the ATG with the 
correct 5' ribosome recognition sequence(s) will be recognised for protein 
initiation. However this will probably depend upon how long your DNA sequence 
infront of the reporter gene is.
Don't know if this is any help, as I don't know of any vectors carrying what 
you would like.

Peta Bonham-Smith
Biomira Inc.
Plant Biotechnology Institute

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