Protein/DNA isolation

Fri Jan 14 09:12:21 EST 1994

>Hi all
>I was wondering if there were protocols out there which allowed
>you to extract both the DNA and the protein from the same tissue.
>I'm working with plant leaf/root/callus tissue and was hoping to simplify
>my work.
>All help would be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance
>Nishant Bhatia
>email: nbhatia at
>UC Davis
>Davis CA 95616
In the last Bio/technology there is an advertisement about TRI REAGENT
from MOLECULAR RESEARCH CENETER INC.for the simultaneous isolation of RNA, DNA
and proteins from the same sample using this particular reagent ..
Mol. Res. Center fax 513-841-0080
                 Ph. 800-462-9868
if you'll try it, let me know what appen|    :-)
                                              Massimo Delledonne
Istituto di Genetica Vegetale
Universita' Cattolica S.C. Piacenza    ITALY
delle at

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