Help:RT assay wanted.

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Fri Jan 14 19:46:02 EST 1994

Hi all
        We have been recently been tagging some tumor cell lines using
replication defective retroviruses as a strategy to clone genes possibly
involved in tumor progression.  Before we can go ahead and use some of these
tagged populations of cells we want to know whether the cells are producing
active virus (the virus is supposed to be replication deficient, however some
cell lines may carry endogenous helper virus which can complement the virus
we have introduced).  To this point we have simply been using infection of
NIH 3T3 cells as a bioassay for virus production in our cells, however, this
is not sufficient.  What we need is an assay for reverse transcriptase.  Does
anyone out there in science cyberspace have a good, reliable, sensitive and
CHEAP method for detection of RT in cell supe.  There are kits out there.  We
know that.  We don't like to by kits, they're too damn expensive (I hope some
companies are listening).  Any help, hints or pointers to references would be
of great use.  Thank you for your time.

John MacDougall
macdouga at

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