Magic minipreps--DNA don't cut

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Fri Jan 14 17:37:34 EST 1994

>In article <1994Jan13.171215.1 at> mrege at writes:
>   Has anybody had any problem with Promega's Wizard Minipreps?
>   In my hands the DNA looks well, but it is difficult to cut.
>   Does  anybody know how to overcome this? Maybe washing the column twice?
>   Thanks,
>   Josefina
>Yes, people in my group have had exactly this problem -- the DNA looks
>great on a gel, but won't cut with certain enzymes (but will cut with

Yes, EXACTLY!  That is why some of us have sworn off the Magic/Wizard 
Minipreps.  They work relatively well for sequencing but there are some 
enzymes (or restrictions sites) that just wont cut and EcoRI and NotI 
(moreso) are the two.  Personally, I've gone back and use the quick little 
miniprep protocol described in Maniatis - the three alkaline lysis 
solutions, then phenol, and then an isoprop ppt.  

No, you aren't the only one...
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