Inducing SOS response

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>You can irradiate a bacterial 
>suspension (just make sure it's in saline, not a lot of organics which 
>will absorb UV) in a conventional plastic petri plate with the lid off 
>for the short period of UV exposure they will require.

UV irradiation is very easy in that you can streak a plate and immediately 
invert it over your transilluminator for 15 secs to 2 mins etc. 

Remember that this is also a way of inducing lysogens and is very handy to 
get at 'locked in' ie BL21(DE3) lysogens. Just streak BL21(DE3), UV treat as
above and overlay with top agar containing  your phage sensitive E.coli. 
Incubate at an appropiate temp O/N then pick your plaques etc. 

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