Plasmid Prep for Sequencing (Sorry if this is FAQ)

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Sat Jan 15 14:38:34 EST 1994

In article <CJJ097.7t3 at> bawagan at (Hinayana Bawagan) writes:
>     What is a reliable DNA prepn method for sequencing?  I am sure
>that most of you have discovered little fine-tuning steps that are
>critical to the conventional protocols of alkali lysis or boiling.

Minipreps as conventional protocols for sequencing?  There are some that 
will tell you that all you need to do is a miniprep with a PEG precip and 
phenol extraction thrown in but the intensity of the claims is in direct 
relation to the level of testosterone.  If you don't have the cleanest 
prep possible you're just taking chances.

Mike Holloway
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