Home made gems don't "invert"

Dave Harry deh at s27w007.pswfs.gov
Sat Jan 15 13:58:18 EST 1994

>>He said for best results make the molten wax 10%
>>mineral oil.  I haven't tried this yet. Duncan Clark's problem may be
>>beads that are too small, but it might be that the 10% mineral oil would
>>take care of the problem without increasing the volume.  

I haven't followed this discussion too close, and so I apologize if this
has already been suggested.  Somewhere I heard it suggested that mineral
oil mixed with parafin wax would help soften it so that it would be easier
to remove the PCR rxn products later.  Also, I'd heard someplace
(Biotechniques? PCR Meths Appl?) that Aldrich wax was substantially better
than other wax.  Anyway, I tinkered around with mixing various proportions
of Aldrich wax with mineral oil.  Personally, I found about 60-80% mineral
oil mixed with 40-20% wax to be preferrable.

But then again, I never thought of Vaseline !!   :-)

Dave Harry

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