Peter M. Muriana muriana at aclcb.purdue.edu
Sat Jan 15 10:39:50 EST 1994

>>The best price that I've seen for X-gal is: 	1 grm    $80.00	US
>						5 grms  $387.50 US
>						10 grms $750.00 US
>		     with these you can also get IPTG for $8.50/gm
>from 	GBT (Gold BioTechnology, Inc.)
>I have not tried their product yet but intend to do so. 
>  FOORD, BRETT                      Title: Gene Jockey

II just clipped out an add from 
	Research Products International 
        410 North Business Center Drive
        Mount Prospect, ILL  60056

a  advertising prices of $68/gm for XGAL & $12/gm for IPTG
  or $75/gm of both.

  p.s. I have no affiliation with them.

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