Small plasmid DNAs

Joerg Langowski jl at
Mon Jan 17 07:23:53 EST 1994

For structural studies of superhelical DNA, we're interested in plasmid
DNAs less than 2000 base pairs long. I've worked with the pi-VX and pi-AN
type mini-plasmids which contain an origin, a poly-linker, and a suppressor
tRNA, but the disadvantage of these beasts is that they need a helper
plasmid with the amber-mutated resistance marker, and grow in very small
quantities. We need to grow our DNAs in milligram amounts, if possible. 
I'd appreciate any help with locating a plasmid that grows at high copy
number, has a 'self-cointained' resistance marker, and is under 2000 bp
long. If this is of general interest, I'll post a summary of replies to the

Thanks in advance

Joerg Langowski / EMBL Grenoble

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