Is there radioactive SDS available?

R. A. KELLN KELLN at Meena.CC.URegina.CA
Tue Jan 18 12:42:33 EST 1994

In <2her48$g0k at> pedemonte at Jetson.UH.EDU writes:

>         I am trying of measuring the amount of SDS that binds to a protein
> during solubilization. I suppose the best way to do it will be to determine
> the amount of bound radioactive SDS. I couldn't find radioactive SDS. Does
> anybody knows about a company or somebody who may have radioactive SDS? I
> would appreciate suggestions about alternative methods. Thanks. 
> carlos
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>Yes, you can obtain it through Amersham as an S-35 labelled product at a cost
of $1585 Canadian for 1 mCi.  The toll free number for Amersham USA is

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