Optimizing PCR reactions

Petur Henry Petersen php at rhi.hi.is
Tue Jan 18 12:01:00 EST 1994

In <2hguq7$qjb at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> "" <unknown at dl.ac.uk> writes:

>Make sure that DNA is clean!!!

	Well this is good point to make. We have tried using alkanylysis
methods which are very time consuming but only isolates the kind of DNA we
want (mtDNA). We have also used more crude methods using proteinase K and
extraction buffer. It does not seem to matter and we get amplifications with
both. We were worried once about the SDS in the extraction buffer but it does
not seem to be a problem if you phenol-extract twice.

	Any comments on this anyone?

 	amount of DNA does of course matter also!

	(No I am not Phd, still have to take GRE)

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