windows-program for constructing plasmids

Hannes Klump HANNES at
Tue Jan 18 12:01:57 EST 1994

Hi netfolk!
Does anyone of you know a nice program for constructing plasmids in
an easy way which runs on a PC (windows)?
The program should be able to:
- fetch nucleotide sequences from databases (e.g. genebank), cut them
  with restriction enzymes, isolate a chosen fragment and clone it
  into a vector.
- it should further be able to draw the construct  (for
  instance in a circular form), so that it looks fancy.
This are the minimum requirements for the program.
Thanks for the answers in advance,

Hannes Klump
Institute of Biochemistry
University of Vienna
Dr. Bohrgasse 9/3
A-1030 Vienna / Austria
Hannes at

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