Please show me the storage method of HL-60 cell line!.2

Brian Foley brianf at
Tue Jan 18 11:29:20 EST 1994

Yoshiyuki Shibata (shibata at wrote:
:  Dear netter
:  I stored HL-60 cell line in liquid nitrogen according to standard 
:  method. But cells had poor viability when I recoverd cells from 
:  liquid nitrogen and cultured one day.
:  How can I store HL-60 cell line to get good viability? Please show 
:  me the method!
:   Yoshiyuki Shibata
:   shibata at
:   Department Oral Radiology, Nagasaki university, JapanU(I*(JU$B‚(J

	Are you sure that your cells froze at the proper rate (1 degree 
centigradde per minute)?  I have found that the two most important factors 
in cell viability after storage are:
1)  The health of the cells before freezing.  They must be split 24 to
    36 hours prior to harvest and the media changed 4 to 6 hours before
2)  The rate of freezing.  Use some device that will cool your cells at
    an even rate of 1 degree per minute.  I use an adjustable holder that
    holds the vials in the neck of a liquid nitrogen tank. 

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