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>          Has anybody tried the  1605 Air Thermo Cycler from Idaho
> Technology. I would like to know about the pros and cons of the instrument
> as well as the handling of capillary tubes, contamination problems etc.
>         I would be grateful for any comment.  Carlos

Air Cycler: The Good
- 10 times faster than heat block cyclers of the same price range (3 times
faster then the P&E 9600, which is 3 times the price.)

- More specific priming due to the faster cycling times.

- Don't have to hassle with the evaporation barrier (mineral oil or wax)
that the other cyclers methods require.

The Bad:
- If plan to do lots and lots of reactions (e.g., full microtiter plates
worth), then the air cycler is not for you.  With lots and lots of
reactions, the set up time becomes more of a problem.

The Worries:
- There is a bit of a learning curve to properly sealing, handling, and
unloading samples.  But you eventually get used to these procedures. 

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