Magic minipreps--DNA don't cut

Wed Jan 19 03:15:07 EST 1994

>  I'm particularly impressed at how easy it is to elute a band from 
 a DNA
> gel. Use ordinary, TBE / hmp agarose, nothing fancy. Cut the band 
out, pop
> it into a 0.5 ml eppi, sling it in a PCR machine/ heating block 
till it
> melts then pipette it into 1 ml of magic DNA clean up resin and 
buzz. Far
> easier than electoeluting or glassmilk and very good yields!

Try not heating it next time: simply cut out block, put in 0.5ml 
Eppi with fine-gauge needle hole in bottom (plugged with glass wool 
if you want) in a big Eppi, and spin for 10 min at 6000 rpm.  About 
half the volume of the slice comes out into the big tube, and it 
contains most of the DNA.  Simpler, cheaper.  Saving you time. 
Saving you money.  Putting your budget first....

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