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Martin Leach leach at
Wed Jan 19 04:53:24 EST 1994

Dear netter from Promega,

you have probably seen over the past month or so that wizard minipreps suck
badly when the miniprep is used as a sequencing template. People are also
finding that it is increasing difficult to digest their plasmids with
r.enzs. If you could post the original magic miniprep recipe then we can
leave you be to sell your inferior product. This is very shocking as we
purchase a good deal of reagents from your company. Alternatively, we would
love to know how this product has been screwed up.

Alternatively, to anyone else reading this a recipe for the magic minipreps
resin was posted a while back. I have heard good reports from it from a
number of people whom i reposted it to.

If the problem with the minipreps stays a problem we will have to switch to
this butchered recipe and abandon your product. For our convenience please
let us know what the heck is going on.

Martin Leach

these opinions are my own and do not reflect on anyone else.

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