Ericomp thermal cyclers

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>> We have an Ericomp 'PowerBlock' thermal cycler.
>> ...
>> Anyway, we have had many problems with this machine. It has already been
>> repaired once but has now had a second nervous breakdown! Our loan
>> machine has now gone on strike in sympathy.
>> I would like to hear from you if you have been having problems with one
>> of these machines.

The only thing I can add is that I had experience with an Ericomp at the
Univ. Tenn. Vet School a couple of years ago.  In the end, the problems
we had with the machine were traced back to the power source we were
using: there were fluctuations in the power feed from the wall plug.
Once this was tracked down, and a monitor and regulator added, I under-
stand that the machine worked very well.  I can probably tell you that myu
(my) failure with PCR was not due to this, since I also used a fancy new
PerkinElmer unit.
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