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Thu Jan 20 11:39:37 EST 1994

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Charles M Griswold <grswld at> wrote:
>We are having trouble with small dark spots which appear on all of our blots.
>Our lab uses MSI's Magnagraph nylon and the following buffer for DNA 
>6x SSC
>7.5x Denhardt's
>0.7% SDS
>150 ug/ml extracted, freshly denatured S.sperm DNA (sheared)
>50% deionized formamide
>We wash with 0.1x SSC, 0.1% SDS 2xRT and 2x65C. Longer washing does not 
>reduce the spotting. We've tried preheating the prehyb before adding to 
>the blot but this does not help.
>Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>Mike Griswold
>N. C. State Univ. Genetics

Spotty blots tend to indicate dirty probe (not sufficiently removed
from unincorporated labelled nucleotides).  How are you cleaning up
your probe?  Are you cleaning up your probe?

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