Help Pseudomonas phage

Christian Geltinger geltinger at
Thu Jan 20 09:32:31 EST 1994

Hi netters !
I apologize that this is not the right newsgroup for my need, but it may reach 
somebody who can help.
A friend of mine is looking for the transducing Pseudomonas (PA01) - phage 
called F116 L. Who is currently working with it or knows who does and how can it 
be obtained ?
Please send any information about it, which is highly appreciated to 
geltinger at

Thanks to anybody replying.
Christian A. Geltinger
Institut fuer klinische Molekularbiologie 
und Tumorgenetik, GSF 
Marchioninistr. 25
81377 Muenchen, Germany
FAX:  xx49/89/7099-500
e-mail: geltinger at

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