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Fri Jan 21 13:13:14 EST 1994

Interesting that you should mention problems.  In our experience we
received a hybaid machine that was dead on arrival and as it turned
out, a plug had slipped loose from a circuit board, which we simply
plugged back in.  Their support staff was helpful in solving the
problem (replacement of the machine was not dicussed) and since then
the machine has worked well.

I think that hazards of this type are more common with machines like
this one because they do not have as robist as a design of the
Perkin-Elmer instruments.  Given that the PE machines are *much* more
expensive, you do get some benefit fromm the increased expenditure
because I have seen those machines take a pounding day after day and
continue to work reliably.  Some of the other instruments on the market
are less expensive becuase, simply put, they are built more cheaply,

> Yeah, thought I might add to the topic of thermal cyclers. We bought a
> hybaid last summer. As dlfeins at pointed out, there are a
> number of attractive features: easily programmed, tube control, the
> ability to save programs to a PC compatible disk, compatibility with
> microtiterplates, etc. We also bought a satellite module to bring the number
> of independently controlled blocks on this machine to three (great for
> temperature optimization).
> HOWEVER - this machine was riddled with problems. After only 2 months the
> temperature controls started malfunctioning. We sent it in and they gave us
> a loaner which worked great. The "fixed" machine did not work when we got it
> back. The machine had to be sent back several times, yet the problem was
> never fixed. The loaner DID work, so ours was probably just a lemon. However,
> the company was not receptive the idea of replacing ours with the working 
> After much malaise, we have finally twisted their arm to take back this piece
>  of garbage and we ARE LOOKING FOR ANOTHER MACHINE, preferably
> with some of the "advanced" features  of the hybaid design. Thus, I would be very
>  interested to hear reports of GOOD machines.
> Brett Lindenbach
> Washington University - St Louis
> brett at

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