Multiple DNA sequence alignment

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at
Mon Jan 24 11:45:00 EST 1994

In Article <2hk8vcINNcbk at dns1.NMSU.Edu> "danismit at (danismit)" says:
> I am needing to do multiple DNA sequence alignment (more than five) on
> a Mac and am looking for suggestions as to which programs others have
> found useful.
> Please email with your thoughts and suggestions.
> Thanks
> Dan  
Forget the mac.  Use GCG.  Most universities have GCG running on some main-
frame or other on campus.  You can log on through your mac and grab hold
of some real computing power.  Once you get in to GCG, I can provide 
help on using the Pileup program to do multiple sequence alignment.  I have
done up to 15 full length sequences simultaneously with no problem.
Good Luck
Leonard N. Bloksberg
bloksber at

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