thermal cyclers (MJ and Hybaid)

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Mon Jan 24 20:16:03 EST 1994

Subject: thermal cyclers (MJ and Hybaid)
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 94 20:00:35 GMT
In article <1994Jan24.200035.8400 at> DAVID SCOTT,
>We are looking at thermal cyclers. The leading contenders right
>now are the MJ research and The Hybaid omni-gene. We would like
>to have 3 blocks, so the Hybaid with the satilite modules seems
>like the way to go. I remember people in the not so distant past
>complaining of hybaid service. If they could again elaborate
>I would apreciate it. Anyone with any experience with the MJ 
>research cycler, I would like to hear what you have to say. (We
>are looking at the larger model, whose catalog number I currently
>forget). e-mail or post. Thanx in advance for this, and the past
>help with the scanner.
>		-Gavin Fischer
>		University of Rochester Cancer Center

Take a look at the recent "PCR optimization notes, where there is some
talk about hybaid. I am happy with my Hybaids, and decided to get 3
THermocyclers rather than the satelitte system.

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