Help: stripping northern blots

Jorge L. Sepulveda Jorges at
Tue Jan 25 10:27:01 EST 1994

Hi, netters,

I have been using Zeta-probe nylon membranes and pre-hyb/hybridizing at 
65¡C in a solution containing 7% SDS. I get very high signal to noise 
ratio with no background at all. The problem is that I can't stripp the 
probes (boiling in water for 20' or heating overnight at 65¡C in 80% 
formamide hardly knocks off any counts from the membrane). And yes, I 
don't let the membrane dry at any time. The probes are not even homologous 
(e.g. human GAPDH for rat RNA). 

Thanks for any clues.

Jorge L. Sepulveda, 

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