Stratagene Robocycler

Jim Bone jb031504 at
Fri Jan 28 17:52:32 EST 1994

In article <ahelix.1110123561A at>, ahelix at (Dan
Handley) wrote:
> Does anyone have any good/bad experience with Stratagene's Robocycler
> thermal cycler? They have a newer model coming out that allows 8 separate
> increments of block temperature for performing annealing temperature
> profiles. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Our lab tested out the Robocycler about a year ago, and didnt get very good
results.  All thermocycler machine purchases I have heard of have been the
MJ Research machnes with the hot bonnet.  These are very good machines, get
to temperature really quick, and we get good results with it.  Plus it is
much cheaper than a Robocycler or a Perkin Elmer.


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