Small c: a 50bp PCR-products, visualization?

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> I will start running some PCRs with primers derived from N/terminal amino 
> acid sequences based on method described by Walker 1992. And I am 
> woundering if somebody knows of a good gel method to separate DNA 
> fragments of size about 50 bp? It would be nice to be able to visulaize 
> the PCR products separated on gel to be able to tell if a product is made 
> in the reactions.
> All replies or related suggestions appreciated.
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You could try PCR Purity Plus from AT Biochem (800-282-4626, FAX 215-889-9304). 
It's a modified acrylamide and should separate fragments as small as 50 bp. 
Alternatively just try running the products on a 10 or 20 acrylamide gel.

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