What does A, C rich sequence mean?

chai_z at wehi.edu.au chai_z at wehi.edu.au
Mon Jan 24 01:31:25 EST 1994


I cloned a cDNA from a mollusc ganglion and partially sequenced it. The
sequence showed a 90% A, C rich and make it extremely difficult to design a
walking primer to sequence further down. I tried to sequence from the opposite
end and got unreadable sequence, which, I guess, would be caused by the poly(A)
tail. My questions are:

	1). Does the A,C rich sequence mean anything?

	2). How to sequence further down?

All the replies would be appreciated.

BTW, the cDNA is about 650bp long. The sequence I got is about 200 bases long
using vector primer. The A and C were used up at the position above 200 bases
and can not read any sequence longer than that. Porbably I can add more A and C 
termination mix in the reaction. Any comments?

Zhonglin Chai

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