How to purify IgM

Greg Denomme denomme at fhs.csu.McMaster.CA
Thu Jan 27 01:18:06 EST 1994

On 26 Jan 1994, Santhat Lekhavadthanajai - SCMI - 3636187 wrote:

> Can anybody suggest a practical protocol to purify mouse IgM by affinity 
> chromatography?  Also, is there any better, simpler way?
> Thanks,

  You might try an old technique termed euglobulin precipitation. 
Basically you dialyse serum against ice cold water and get a precipitate. 
Spin the ppte out at 34,000 x g.  From there you can run the re-dissolved
crude prep on an S300 column.  I have tried this on monoclonal antibody
culture supernatants containing IgM and it works as well.  This may be what
your after depending on your needs.

The reference is:
Weir DM. ed, (1973) Handbook of Experimental Immunology. 2nd ed. Blackwell
Scientific Publications, Oxford, England. pg 6.5

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