DNA from tissue in formalin

Kathie Hodge kh11 at cornell.edu
Sat Jan 29 17:16:40 EST 1994

Wendy Robinson, wendy at medgen.unizh.ch writes:
>Does anyone know if it is at all possible to extract DNA from tissue
>has been preserved in formalin, and if so how?

Recent work addressing preservation methods for fungi and their effect on
"PCR-ability" found that after 2 years of storage in 10% formalin,
mushroom tissue yielded only small amounts of degraded, low molecular
weight DNA.  The authors were able to obtain only small amounts of PCR
product after extensive purification of the template.  (They used primers
ITS4 nd ITS5, which amplify the internal transcribed spacer of nuclear
ribosomal DNA).

Here's the reference:
Haines, J.H. and C.R. Cooper, Jr.  1993. DNA and mycological herbaria. IN
The Fungal Holomorph: mitotic, meiotic and pleomorphic speciation in
fungal systematics.  Ed. D.R. Reynolds and J.W. Taylor. 305-315.
Wallingford, U.K.: CAB International.

Good Luck!
Kathie Hodge
kh11 at cornell.edu

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