K Ferricyanide

Mark D. Garfinkel garfinkl at iitmax.iit.edu
Fri Jan 28 20:39:01 EST 1994

Dave Bates <dbates at hph.ucdavis.edu> inquires:

>What is the best way to store a stock solution of potassium ferricyanide?
        *Single-use aliquots, say 100-ul or whatever, in microfuge tubes
at -20(oC) or -80(oC).

>but it goes gradually darker over a period of
>a few days to a week...
        *Room temperature storage? This is spontaneous redox & renders
your solution unuseable.

>And what about K ferrocyanide?
        *Same as for K-ferricyanide.

	If this is for a histochemical assay of beta-galactosidase
activity (or beta-glucuronidase, for that matter) in transgenic animals
or plants, I'd recommend my standard procedure from when I was doing the
same thing. Prepare single-use aliquots of Xgal-in-DMF and all the other
goodies, and store all of them frozen. Microfuge tubes of the reagents in
those 10x10 grid freezer boxes make a terrific home-made kit.
Mark D. Garfinkel
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