Yeast ADE2 plasmid needed

Dean Danner Lab djdlab at
Sun Jan 30 14:27:17 EST 1994

>I need a plasmid containing the yeast ADE2 open reading frame and
>convenient flanking restriction sites so that I can move the gene into
>other constructs.  If you have same, plus hopefully a restriction map and
>sequence, please send to the following address.  Thanks in advance.
>Peter J. Russell
>yeast at

I have all of the above, but I do not know if I am at liberty to give you the plasmid (I got it from someone who got it from someone else).  If you have no other reponses I could look into it for you.  It is not ideal because it includes an ARS sequence 5' of the coding sequence, so intergration for gene disruptions are tricky.
Is the sequence not in genebank?
Margaret Lanterman

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