uncoding programmes from ftp sites

Hugo Volkaert IO01072 at MAINE.MAINE.EDU
Mon Jan 31 19:27:37 EST 1994

Hi BioNetters:
I recently learned about programmes for Mac computers at the ftp.bio.indiana.ed
u site (and other sites). However, when I tried to download a programme to my c
omputer, it didn't work. I have no remote access, thus Iog on through the mainf
rame at the University of Maine. I download the file I want (in binary). How do
 I go from there? I tried to uncode it on the mainframe (BINHEX) but I get the
message that the linelength exceeds the allowable max. Should I download it fir
st to a Mac? (in Binary?) and then use a decoding programme? If so what program
me can I use, and where can I get it?
I hope someone of you can help me out.
Thanks in advance
Hugo Volkaert
io01072 at maine.maine.edu

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