HPLC columns for fractionating PCR products

Brian Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Mon Jan 31 09:23:13 EST 1994

Peter A. Doris (hepad at ttacs1.ttu.edu) wrote:
: Does anyone have recommendations concerning separation/quantitation of
: PCR products by HPLC?

: Info on the price and performance aspects of some of the available
: columns would be very helpful.

I used a  Pharmacia mono-Q HR-5/5 column, but it required 4 to 8 hour
runs for each sample, and the product was eluted in a rather large volume
(500 microliters) of 0.75 M NaCl.  I decided that running 20 or 30
samples per hour in agarose was a better way to go.

Waters sells a Gen_pak FAX column that looks like it is supposed to do the
job in a 30 minute run.  They may be able to FAX you some info.  Their
phone number is (508) 478-2000  and their FAX number is (508) 478-7795.

Good luck.  Let us know how it works for you.  I suspect that you
will find you can process few samples per day, but that you will 
get very pure product and good quantitation of it. 

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