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Rasheed Khalid khalid at
Mon Jan 31 13:27:09 EST 1994

In article <2heorb$buv at> gstuart at (Gregory Stuart) writes:
>I am using a vertical polyacrylamide gel apparatus with 1.5mm spacers and
>combs.  Whenever I pour a gel and remove the comb, there are bits and
>pieces of polyacrylamide stuck to the walls of the wells, from the
>polyacrylamide that has seeped between the comb and the glass plates. Does
>anyone have any suggestions on preventing this? 

I've had this problem too.  I just place clamps over the wells to
hold the plates together, no matter how unesthetic it looks, it seems
to work.  However, it gives rise to another problem which I'd like to
address to the bionet folks:

	I observe in case of 20% PA gels that at the sites of clamps,
(sides, bottom or top), there appear what look like bubbles which are
actually points of separation of gel from the glass plates, and these
sometimes grow and spread in the area of the clamp like an invasion.
This happens as polymerisation proceeds.  If the answer is no clamps,
it brings back to life the problem which Greg has just pointed out -
viz: filmy junk in the wells (and boy! is that hard to get rid of!)


P.S. I'm not sure if the problem I mentioned is the same in case of
native gels, for the ones I run have urea in them.

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